Oasis Les Jardins | Les Sables d'Olonne, Vendée
Oasis Les Jardins | Sables d'Olonne

Oasis Safety Charter

Our safety regulations: Oasis Safety ++

The safety of our guests and employees is our priority. We worked with health authorities to implement reinforced measures in terms of hygiene and protection to garantee you a high level of safety at all times.

Oasis Resorts is committed through this charter Oasis Safety ++ :

  1. To take into consideration the recommendations of the health authorities to adapt its process to Covid-19,
  2. To adopt a communication on preventive measures to be put in place against the risks of Covid-19 transmission,
  3. To train its employees concerning barrier gestures and measures implemented by the Safety+ charter and provide them with personal protective equipment,
  4. To put in place markings in order to respect the social distance of 1m50 in the reception areas and play areas,
  5. To provide access to hydro-alcoholic gel for guests and employees in common areas,
  6. To reinforce the cleaning and disinfecting plan, particularly in accommodations, common and reception areas, thermal and play areas (swimming pool, sauna, hammam) and contact points (lift panels, door handles, payment terminals, etc.) by adapting the cleaning and disinfecting products to the virucidal norm in force EN 14 476 indicated against Covid-
  7. To reinforce the checking and cleaning of all ventilation systems,
  8. To ensure the maintenance of the linen and sheets of the accommodations according to the recommendations of the health authorities,
  9. To clean the dishes (plates, cutlery, glasses and cups) in the accommodations according to the recommendations of the health authorities before the availability of accommodation,
  10. To ensure ventilation of accommodations rooms before the availability of it,
  11. To ensure regular disinfection all day of all points of contact identified with a virucidal disinfectant meeting the standard indicated against Covid-19,
  12. To establish and apply instructions for access and sanitary safety and specific to the thermal and play areas in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities in force,
  13. To ensure and respect a risk management protocol in case of suspicion of contagion from Covid-19.